Why aren't Beaver Builder and Beaver Themer singular layout compatible (are there any alternatives)? What is the reason why they cannot be used at the same time?

So recently I discovered that these two aren’t compatible and that they cannot be used at the same time. I was greatly disappointed by this, finding it a great disadvantage. The main reason for that is because for somebody who will mainly be creating posts (whether it’s blog posts, or review posts like in my case) I cannot use Beaver Builder for the posts. My posts do not consist of anything complicated, just some text, a couple of pictures, and a single embedded Youtube video. But I would still like to be able to use the modules and interface of Beaver Builder on my posts.
The main reason why I choose this Singular layout is straight forward: it let’s me change everything around the content area, header/footer. This is the main use which I need for my posts, especially because the post title is one of the most important things in a review post. You must have the flexibility to put it exactly where you imagine it to be, and to make it exactly how you imagine it to be.

So my question is why aren’t they compatible and whether I have a way around this, perhaps someone can suggest another plugin or something of that sort which is compatible with Beaver Builder? Just to recap, the main purpose and usage of the Singular layout is that I can rearrange and modify in detail the Post title etc.