Why no full width rows on a custom post types?

I’m assuming the following is a theme issue:

I have registered a custom post type with wp called “fruit”.

I told bb plugin to recognize it via the network admin panel under “post types” (i’m running agency).

I disabled the sidebar in the customizer for bb theme.

When I create a full-width row, the row does not, in fact, go full-width.

Why and how can I work around this?

Really need all the cool builder features for this new custom post type.


Solved. Just copied the contents of page.php into a new file in the child theme titled fruit-single.php.

Let me know if there was a better way.

Hey M33,

Yep, that should be the way to do it. The posts use the single.php file by default and it doesn’t go full width. Creating a new one specifically for your custom post type using the layout of a page should fix it. Glad you figured it out! :slight_smile:



I am trying to do the same, can you please explain it step by step. Once I create the post template, how can I make it override the default post one across the whole website.

Hey Augustine,

Can you share what you are trying to do exactly? And what you’ve done so far?


Hello Ben

I would like to be able to edit my post page so that I can completely remove the sidebar area and design my post template which works as the default not the one that comes with BB.

If I try to edit a post using the page builder, the sidebar is added by default and I cant remove it.

Here is a link to an image of how I would like the default post page design to look like View design

Hey Augustine,

I’d just chime in here. To remove the sidebar from your post template, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Content > Blog Layout > Set the Sidebar Position “No Sidebar”. Let us know how it goes! :slight_smile: