Widgets from Piklist and ACF

When trying to add widgets created with Piklist or ACF in the page builder we receive an error. We also receive in an error in another drag-and-drop editor we’ve tried – themify. I’ve asked the lead dev at Piklist and he says “As for drag-and-drop editors, we should work fine (referring to widgets), if they do things the WordPress way.”

When trying to add their demo widget, this error pops up: piklist_universal_widget_piklist_demos no longer exists. I could just write a module instead but it would be nice if either worked. Any insight on why this doesn’t work?

Hi Tim! Thanks for reaching out and sorry you’re having trouble. I was able to recreate the Piklist issue today. Not sure what’s going on quite yet. We’ll take a closer look at this on Monday when we’re back in the office.

Can you elaborate a bit on the problem you’re having with ACF?

Sorry I should have done a search first before creating this topic as it was already discussed.

Hey Tim,

I spent some time trying to figure this out and was able to get the builder to recognize a Piklist widget. Unfortunately, that’s about as far as I was able to get.

I believe the issue is that widgets inserted in a Beaver Builder layout aren’t attached to a sidebar. Instead, we’re generating the widget form and using the WordPress function the_widget to output them.

I think the issue is that when we’re generating the form, the widget doesn’t have a unique ID because it’s not attached to a sidebar. This doesn’t seem to be an issue for standard widgets, but it does look like the Piklist widgets require it.

I would like to get this working but don’t have a timeline for when we’ll be able to have a deeper look at it. It’s on our list and if anything comes up I’ll let you know.


Have you tried https://wordpress.org/plugins/amr-shortcode-any-widget/, which would attached the Piklist and ACF widgets to a sidebar?