WooCommerce navigation

What I am trying to achieve here is quite simple.
I have a sidebar menu on my website, with WooCommerce widgets (product categories etc.) so customers can navigate on my website. But when viewing on mobile, it places the sidebar below all the content on the website which is not ideal. Each page you have to scroll to the bottom to see the menu…

I would like to be able to either have this sidebar appear above the content or be able to add WooCommerce widgets into the Top navigation bar. Please advise?

Thank you

Hey Jack,

Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, what you are looking to do with the sidebar isn’t possible in the theme settings. The content will always be the main, while the sidebar will fall under the content area on mobile. Adding widgets to the navigation bar only on mobile isn’t possible either, but you could always add a menu item for certain things you want available regardless like product categories, etc.

Re. a solution for moving the sidebar, there are ways of doing that with some custom coding if you want to give that a shot. Feel free to do a quick google search for something like ‘wordpress sidebar above content’ and you’ll get some good results with code snippets you can use in your child theme.


Thank you for your response Billy.

I fail to find how or where I can add WooCommerce widgets into the Top navigation bar, if I could do that it will be good.

Hey Jack,

Adding widgets to a navigation bar isn’t possible as far as I know. What you can add is a new menu item using the WordPress menus area under appearance.


Looks like there are some plugins available on wordpress.org, just google: wordpress add widget to menu.
Let us know if you find one you like.