Wordpress 4.5, unable to create or edit links within the editor


I have tried BB Plugin 1.7.6and with WP4.5

If I highlight text then click on the link-icon nothing happens. Similarly if I edit an existing page any preexisting links show a pencil icon on the right hand side. If I click on this nothing happens.

I have tried this on two sites I have and get the same results.

Hey Deancs,

That sounds weird since BB doesn’t have a pencil icon for editing modules. Could there possibly be another drag and drop page builder installed on your site and you’re using that? You can launch Page Builder by clicking on Page Builder link found on the WP top bar from the page you want to edit.


Hi Jun

I am definitely using BB - imo there is’nt any other page builder for WP :slight_smile:

I disabled all plugins etc and still had the issue under WP4.5. I turns out its a browser issue, I was running the Safari Tech Preview version and under WP4.5 this has an issue loading TinyMCE. I have checked and under current shipping Safari and Chrome all is working as expected.

Sorry to waste your time.

Regards, Dean

Hi Dean,

Happy to hear you have identified the cause of your issue and thanks for informing us. We appreciate it.