Wordpress Multisite Bug Where Subsite Row Window Icons Do Not Appear When Editing Pages

I’m running beaver builder agency on a wordpress multisite and there seems to be a bug that hides the window icons (move, row settings, duplicate, row actions, and remove) from the rows when editing pages (see image). The text tooltip shows up on hover but no icons. Everything works fine on the main site, but the issue is present in the subsites. I had the subsite templates setup around December 2019 and continued to perform automatic updates until the current version. I was also performing these automatic updates without actually making any additional edits on the subsites until last week, which is why I hadn’t caught the issue earlier. I tried deactivating all plugins except beaver builder as a trouble shooting step and that didn’t seem to work.

Then I decided to start rolling back versions until I got to and the icons reappeared. Therefore this bug is present in ( , (2.3.2) and the current version ( I’m currently set on as it is the latest working version without this issue. I’d like to know if the staff is tracking this and if anyone has experienced the same issue.

That’s best reported to https://www.wpbeaverbuilder.com/beaver-builder-support/