Working with Email Service Providers who are not yet Integrated

I would love to see Campayn and ConvertKit integrated with the BB Subscription module. I just put those in as feature requests.

Until that glorious day, what options do I have to create simple horizontal subscription forms like the one BB has with services that are not supported? Campayn’s builder, like so many others, is OK if you want a sidebar widget or a full page form, but I want one just like BB’s horizontal one. Do I need to learn how to create something in Photoshop and then learn how to code it? What does a novice like me need to know about this stuff?

FYI: Here’s a link to the Campayn API doc. :wink:
Here’s one to the ConvertKit API:

ConvertKit is just great, though a more premium product. I saw that you added SendinBlue, and Campayn may appeal to people who would be interested in SIB.


Hey Dan,

Not really expert on those services. Don’t they offer like a signup form or something? If you haven’t yet, go ahead and add that in as a feature request. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I’ve already made the requests. They each offer sign-up forms, though I haven’t spent time with ConvertKit yet as I am not using them yet. With Campayn (and so many others) they have form builders, but they are lousy and create little more than the typical side bar or full page forms that have the fields on top of each other.

No worries though. I’ll keep working on it and hope that you guys can integrate sooner rather than later. :slight_smile:

Hey Dan,

No worries! Have fun with BB! :slight_smile: