WP 4.0 Front-end editing capabilities

While not confirmed yet, as per http://make.wordpress.org/core/features-as-plugins/ the Front End editing feature may debut as a core feature in WP 4.0.

I’ve tried the current versions of Fastline Page Builder (lite) and WP front end editor and seen that there’s conflict between the plugins: it seems like page builder is saving posts on a parallel DB table instead of the standard ones.

Whitch are your plans to integrate with WP Front End editing feature? Do you have an alpha testing version to share?

Hi Simona,

Thanks for asking! We have tested the front-end editor but not extensively as of yet. We don’t have anything to share now but will definitely check out any incompatibility issues as they get closer to launching that.

The builder does save its layout data to a separate table but it also saves the content to the WordPress posts table.