First I create a page in Danish (the default language on this particular site), edit it with the Page Builder, publish it.

I then click the “+” button in the WPML box, to make a translation (in English). When created, I publish it, then try to edit it with Beaver Builder.

But when the Page Builder has loaded the preview, and the URL is as follows:

– the page building tools does not appear. So, I can’t do anything with/on the page.

How so? Please help – I hope you can, as I’m lost on this, after trying various stuff (like resaving permalinks, enabling “Multilingual Themes / Duplicate ID’s” in WPML Settings, etc) – all without luck.

For your convenience, I’ve recorded a quick screencast (no sound) displaying the issue:


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Hi Oliver,

Which version of WPML are you on? We’ve come upon this before and supposedly WPML was releasing an update that would fix this. If they haven’t quite done that, it pretty much in their hands at this point as the duplication breaks BB’s serialized data. Let me know on the version and we can go from there!


Here is the thread for reference - https://wpml.org/forums/topic/calling-addslashes_gpc-when-duplicating-posts-breaks-serialized-post-meta/#post-564842.


Hi Billy

Did you log in and take a look? I reckon you didn’t, since you’re asking (but would have helped me a lot quicker;)

WPML is latest version - 3.2.2 (I can’t fathom why someone wouldn’t keep their WP install fully updated at all times – security and stuff).

Thanks for the link. I naturally already read it (search the forum before posting etc).

I’m not duplicating the pages though. As i wrote, I’m just clicking the “+” button to create a translation.

To me it seems more like Beaver Builder has some kind of trouble with the domain changing. The language versions are on subdomains, not in subdirectories. But that’s just a wild guess.

PS: from what I could see on the WPML forums, they did solve the serialized data issue a few months ago.

Thanks Oliver. I’ll have our lead dev take a deeper look at this and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Hey Oliver,

I know that 3.2.2 was a big update for them, so I’m wondering if something happened there. Can you shoot me a copy to test? My email is justin [at] fastlinemedia [dot] com.


Could you try logging in (dunno if you have already?) first and have a look?

Do you mean a copy of the whole site, or just WPML 3.2.2?

Sorry Oliver, just a copy of WPML 3.2.2 so I can do some PHP debugging on my end.

Ok, just sent:)

Hey Oliver,

I did some testing and it looks like WPML is actually working fine.

The issue appears to be a cross-domain login issue. For example, when I login at www.ptcc.dk and try to create a page in English, I get redirected to en.ptcc.dk which I am not logged in at. Since Beaver Builder requires you to be logged in to work, that appears to be whey the tools aren’t showing up.

Are you using a domain mapping plugin? Those typically have some sort of cross-domain login setting.


Hey Justin

Thanks for getting closer to a solution.

Nope, no cross-domain plugins. I just used WPML’s built-in “Language URL format” settings, with a symlink of en.ptcc.dk pointing to the main domain (www.ptcc.dk).

The setting is found at this path:

If one is not logged in at en.ptcc.dk as you write, how come one can use the admin UI, i.e. not logged out?

What can be done?


Hey Oliver,

It would be a security issue to let people use the builder interface while not logged in. So, we’ll need to figure out how to get them logged in on the subdomain as well.

To be honest, this might be a question for WPML since Beaver Builder is actually working as expected, it’s just not showing because you’re not logged in on the subdomain.

They might know how to get the login to work cross-domain. I’m not familiar with their domain stuff, so it would be hard for me to say what might work.

Can you get in touch with them? I’d be happy to help chime in if needed.


Hmm, can try talking to the WPML guys. I have some difficulty grasping this issue though… How can I be logged out, when I’m able to access http://en.ptcc.dk/wp-admin/ ? Usually WordPress is good at making sure on doesn’t have access to its backend when logged out;) Meaning, that I am logged in. Right?

A wild guess would be that WPML only makes sure one is logged in to /wp-admin/ – not the frontend.

The above guess is further supported by the observation that the WP admin bar is not shown when visiting the en.ptcc.dk frontend, despite being enabled.

Thoughts? Plausible? Does it help bring forth a solution?

I’ll be switching the site over to having the languages in sub-directories instead. the cross-domain stuff would be a hassle to solve, according to the WPML forums.

Thanks for helping me out with this, Justin & Billy.


Sounds like a plan, Oliver, let us know if we can assist in the future!