Yikes! WPBB does NOT work in Posts! Right???

Yikes! WPBB does NOT work in Posts! Right???

I had not tried it before, but, apparently WPBB does not work with Posts.


I was going to use it with WP CourseWare which uses posts as its main “page” for creating course materials and lo and behold no WPBB works there.

Is that right???

Hi David,

Beaver Builder does work in individual posts and that can be enabled via the settings panel > page builder > post types. If you are referring to the native posts page, no, BB doesn’t have the ability to take over and modify that. I’ve seen several users on WP CourseWare though in our forums that must be using it differently as I don’t recall any issues. You may want to try doing a quick search to see what you can find. You can create your own posts page of course and then include shortcodes with the HTML module if that helps.


Thank you. I forgot about the settings altogether. I did it and it works. I am now attempting to use it for Products in WooCommerce too.

By the way: that is a great selling point that Posts can be designed in WPBB. I had done a whole bunch of products in a site (some 56 products) and the designs gets boring, dull and repetitive. So, with WPBB I can jazz it up. Great. Hope it works well with WooC.