#1 Done | I love it | Small suggestion :-)

Hi Guys,
This site (#1) is pretty much done.
Looks almost like an exact clone of previous desktop site, which client wanted.
I think the BB tool is great. It’s really amazing. I feel like I got in early and I love it.
It would be nice to be able to drop properly sized images in the text editor. Is this possible?
Like phone icons, email icons, etc. Unless of course I am missing something.
Lastly, as I will eventually learn it all, there is still much I do need to learn to become fast. You should have your own video section with short videos. 1 per feature. Just an idea.
Thanks again.

Hi Peck,
Site looks great…
Not really with you on the image question?
What do you mean by properly sized images ?
When you add an image from your media library, there are options for the image to be full/large/medium and thumbnail ? This is in the text editor in the basic modules.
Not sure if the icons question is a second one?
But to add icons, you would need to include something like this:
Icons are not images but fonts…
BB does not appear to have an option to include the BB installed icon-fonts in the text editor (at least I cannot see that ability), but it would be a great suggestion to make.
Of course you could manually add the font code for a particular icon, but that would be somewhat tedious :slight_smile:
HTH, Dave

Hey Dave,

Thanks for jumping in!


As with Dave, not really with you on the images problem. If you notice, we like to keep things simple so we’re only using the exact same Text Editor as WP does. Whatever things you can do on the WP Page Editor, you can do the same on ours. The only exception is that our Text Editor does not accept any enhancements from plugins.

Regarding icons, we’ve a separate Icons module just for that. Or, like Dave said, you can manually add the markup for each which you can find here.

We’ve a lot of videos for our modules under our Knowledge Base. Not only does it contain videos but also information on what each module can do. Have a snoop around there! :slight_smile:


Thanks guys,
Great cust service.
I will re-visit the image issue as it may be that I am just too new.
As far as the Text Editor not accepting any enhancements from plugins, I was able to add a cloaked email short code given to me by a plugin.
The plugin is ‘Email JavaScript Cloaker’ Version 1.03 By Cathal Garvey.
It was used on this page to display the email address to visitors while somewhat cloaking it to robots looking to harvest it. It appears in the page source code as…
<span class=“spEmailJSCloak”>Orders -at- AssuranceAbstract -dot- com</span>
Grated, not the best cloak I have seen, but better than nothing.
I’ll keep chugging along. I’ll let you know if any other issues pop up.
Thanks again for being there and creating an awesome tool.

Hey Jon,

No worries! Let us know if you find and/or need anything further! Enjoy The Beaver! :slight_smile:


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Hey David,

That is correct in that we don’t allow any text editor enhancement plugins. Reason for which is because it causes too many bugs making it work in the frontend. You might want to hit up our User Voice Forums and add a feature request as to what enhancements you would like added though. Maybe we could add it in to the plugin itself. That has a better chance of getting implemented as opposed to the former. :slight_smile: