3-column layout for blog categories pages

I’m a long-time Drupal developer, but recently a longtime client asked me to take over the maintenance of their WordPress site. I got all the files checked into git and migrated the site to a new web host. I happily discovered WP Admin, which makes it easy to managed most aspects of the website from the command line.

Anyway, the website uses Beaverbuilder and the client has asked me to make the blog category pages (exp. /category/computational-thinking/) use the same 3-column layout as the main blog page (i.e. /blog).

I found an old post from 7/15 from someone asking if it was possible to customize the category pages using Beaverbuilder, but one of the devs said it wasn’t possible. I’m wondering if that’s still the case nearly 6 years later. If so, what’s the process? If not, what’s the alternative?

Please advise.

I figured out how to create a Themer Layout and now have the archive posts formatted in 3-columns.

However Beaverbuilder only seems to function correctly on the live site (probably because the license is tied to the domain.) Obviously developing on production is not best practice so is there a way to use Beaverbuilder locally or on a develop instance?

In any event Beaverbuilder is pretty sweet and I’m looking forward to learning it more in-depth.

There are no limitations at all for domains or local usage. What isnt working locally?

Thanks for the clarification.

In that case, I probably have a local configuration or permissions issue. I will invest and follow up if necessary.