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Wow what can I say? We have been waiting a while to give our own site a facelift, we are usually to busy building and hosting sites for our clients.

This was a monster change as we also changed our business name from 2001web to 3001web after many years so much more to do than just a new site. Thankfully working with the builder sped the design part up considerably.

Having used MANY MANY themes/frameworks over the years (Avada, X, Divi, Nimva etc etc) I have to say that Beaver Builder is not only fast to work with it is the least troublesome framework we have used.

Love the fact we can save page layouts, this will make it much easier for passing designs off to clients. We can build a client specific set of templates and just show them how to load them. Unlike other builders I also think Beaver Builder is simple enough for even inexperienced clients to use.

For our own site we decided to move away from “corporate” and “Stuffy” to a more friendly looking site complete with mascot. We also wanted to make the site less “Wordy” and try to speed up the navigation process for our visitors.

As a company we focus mostly on the speed of WordPress sites we create, and offering the clients FAST hosting including WordPress Updates. Obviously we can only do so much at server level the theme used is really important too.

In this area too the Beaver package is a winner, just one little negative a request for a font URL that can not be done in a single packet, the support team have been informed of this and I feel sure they will resolve it.

All in all loved working with Beaver and will be using it heavily for client projects in the future.

Good work guys!

Here is the site (UK server) we have had page speeds as low as 500ms AWESOME!


Hi - and congratulations on your new site!
It really IS fast! - so would you mind sharing how you accomplished this? Beaver theme + builder + what cache/ cdn/ other solutions…?
/ Dolcevita.no

Thanks, however we would be letting out our little trade secrets (and our biggest selling point as a host) out if we broadcast that :wink:

I can tell you that it is a mixture of the Beaver theme and builder, WordPress AND server optimization no CDN involved. 80% of having a FAST WordPress site is finding the right hosting and choosing plugins carefully.


Honestly I asked with an optimistic hope that you would reveal something since slow loading speed is an issue we struggle a bit with. Thanks anyway - just the fact that a CDN service isn’t involved is interesting.
Thanks, - and good luck with your new-designed business!

Contact me from the site and I’ll see if I can help. You are in a country we can not serve so I suppose there is no harm.

Thanks a lot - That’s very kind
I’ll be in touch :o)

Hey Gary! Nice work. I like Webster, haha! =)

Thanks for sharing, too! We love seeing these.

Wow. It is quick! Love to hear how you did that.

Hi Guido,

Mostly by tweaking and re-tweaking our servers. Being that most of our clients use WordPress we concentrated on optimizing them for that.

The theme is a big part of it though and using beaver we even managed the rare 100/100 performance grade from pingdom.

Then the right set of plugins.


We will be adding a WP speed service for non hosting clients in the next few days that will be very reasonable.

Hi Gary,

It blew my mind when I clicked through the pages on your website. Every page is fast. Amazing. I don’t believe I’ve seen that kind of performance before. Good work on optimizing.

I must say that BB indeed is quite fast. It’s better then I expected. I’ve always liked the Genesis framework, but I dropped it for a few sites and instead I use BB now. It’s probably going to be the way to go for the next websites I’m going to make.

Do you use mod_pagespeed on your servers? I’m planning on experimenting with that. Seems promising.

Looking forward to that service you are going to introduce.

Thanks for the info!

Are you hosting Guido? Where are you based?

I’m in The Netherlands.

https://www.checkonemedia.nl (not BB-fied yet)

Amazingly quick and I’m in Australia!

I noticed you use WP rocket - have you ever compared that with W3 cache?

I’ve been using W3 for years without reviewing whether there are better plugins around or not.

We previously used W3 to be honest it is overly complex for the task at hand. WP Rocket is by far the best caching plugin in our opinion well worth the small amount they charge for it. Very easy to configure, regularly updated and it does a great job.

The speeds are not hard to achieve with some effort and IMPORTANTLY some decent hosting. Admittedly we have done a lot of work on our servers too. Perhaps I should write a little guide e-book.

A book’s not a bad idea, as their’s not much good info about running WP only hosts.

Too late for us as we moved back to shared hosting last month (very good shared hosting)

Our own server was too much work for not enough value.

If you want to post a URL to one of your sites I can have a look and make some suggestions for you, or you can contact me via 30001 web just mark any ticket attn Gary

Sure, thanks.

I think our speeds are pretty good since moving hosts and using BB.

This is our home page (soon to have yet another major makeover!)


Sent you a message via your site Joanne.

Thanks very much for taking the time to check out our site.

I’ll take the steps you mentioned.