3rd Party Themes and Plugins

Hi guys,

First off, I got BB last month and am blown away by how easy it is to develop websites now. I was never a fan a Wordpress before but this plugin that you have developed is AWESOME. I started in 2008 with dreamweaver and then went to outsourcing CMS dev offshore which has been a 7 year demoralizing exercise in total frustration. I’ve felt like quitting every day for the past 3 years. Your product has made me feel like I am back in the drivers seat of our agency’s websites again and I have not been this excited about my business in years. I just built our new website all on my own with BB (I’m a designer, not a programmer) and launched it this week: www.IgniteRMR.com Can’t thank you enough!!!

Now…my question :slight_smile: Your website states that I can use BB with any theme. I am considering buying a package from http://www.elegantthemes.com/ for the themes and plugins. Do you know of any issues using BB with these themes / plugins? Is this possible? If not can you recommend another provider? Thanks so much! -Brian

Hey Brian,

Wow, that site is amazing! Great work there! :slight_smile:

Elegant themes are amazing and we’ve been big fans for years. There shouldn’t be any conflicts with using their themes, but using their page builder in tandem with our page builder most likely would cause conflicts. It’s never recommended using two page builders simultaneously anyway, but thought I would mention that!

Another one you should check out is our friends over at UpThemes! :slight_smile:


Thanks Billy - I appreciate the kind words. I will check out UpThemes too. Have a good one!

The ignitermr.com site looks great. What theme is that? The BB theme?


Thanks Craig. Yes I started with the BB automator theme and just customized from there. I found a few plugins that work nicely for social sharing and email subscribes.

Nice work Brian, great site :slight_smile: