404 Error on GET Request for https://mysite.com/wp-content/uploads/bb-theme/skin-651dc9a823b29.css?ver=1.7.14

I recently started encountering an error that says
https://ultradyneusa.com/wp-content/uploads/bb-theme/skin-651dc9a823b29.css?ver=1.7.14 net::ERR_ABORTED 404 (Not Found). I checked in my file manager and the skin is there and yet this issue continues to persist.
I was originally on BB v2.7.2.2 when this issue first started occurring and downgraded to v2.7.2 thinking this was the issue, however it is still here.

I should also note that this occurs ONLY on the homepage of my site. I have referenced the thread open here but none of this helped. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Clear your hosts cache or whatever cache plugins you have

I’ve done all of that. Tried disabling the caching plugin being used too and it still happens.

Visiting https://ultradyneusa.com/?somethingrandomtotrickthecacheonion loads fine. Your page is simply cached.

So how can I fix this? Exclude the homepage from caching?

No, just clear whatever cache is caching it.

I have done that countless times and it still happens though.

But adding a random string to the url and the site loads fine

Ok??? I’m not going to change the home url???

No of course not im just saying adding a random arg to the url gets you to see the uncached version because the cache has never cached that random url

You are using a cache plugin wp-rocket… your host liquid web probably also cache things.