502 Error con certain pages

I am having trouble with a few links on our site with BB. The behavior is identical to this thread https://community.wpbeaverbuilder.com/t/502-error-when-trying-to-launch-beaver-builder/10777

If BB is disabled on those pages, it works without the BB formatting. If I try to edit the pages with BB I get a viewable page but no ability to edit. If I try to view the page from any link or menu I get a 502 error. I did not see details of the fix in the above link, so I was looking for more info or others that have a similar issue.

The site is using the pro version.

A 502 error is not something we can fix in the plugin.

The issue is when you load the page your webserver connects to your database and however php is running and requests the page data, for whatever reason they are taking too long to reply to the webserver so it serves a 502 error.

Probably your database server is overloaded, or php is overloaded, or the timeout is set too low on the webserver so it isnt waiting long enough.

End of the day your host will have the exact issue logged on the server assuming its a shared server.

If I disable beaver everything works but looks bad. I disabled beaver on the 10 pages with the issue and they load. If I try to edit an existing page beaver does not let me interact with the page to change anything. If I create a new page I cannot use beaver to add content. In the link I referenced above the answer was some rogue script. The 502 errors are gone with it disabled on those pages, so what would cause my issues with editing and creating new pages?