Ability to use BB in repetitive content / snippets and insert within BB layouts

I want to echo Steves query in ‘Beaver builder in widget’ around using snippets. To be able to create global content using BB within a snippets post type and then have the ability to insert that into any BB page or saved as a default item of content within a BB page template would make it into a much more powerful & intelligent tool when working with large content sites.

To know that this works seamlessly would be a huge pro in me weighing up whether BB is right for me and recommending it to others. And would make it simply an awesome tool with a heap of additional use case options.

Could you comment on whether you plan to support this type of BB usage.


Thanks for asking. What Steve posted about actually works and is supported. What doesn’t work and isn’t supported is editing these snippets from another builder page. The interface currently has a bug that tries to let you edit them (we’re fixing that) but they should only be editable from the page they were created on as to not confuse the builder as to which page it’s currently working with.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


I like this solution but the dream (for me) would be a dedicated Beaver Builder widget that launches the builder from the Widgets admin screen. I doubt you could support a live preview in this scenario, unless perhaps you’re in the WP customizer screen, but it would still be very handy.

Just thought I’d mention you may want to take a peek at Siteorigin’s Page Builder 2.0, it now ships with a ‘Layout Builder’ widget that is pretty much in line with what I’ve suggested above. I’d love to be able to use BB in the widget areas of my sites (global content) and having to create a special post type page which you then associate to a widget isn’t an elegant solution.

Hey Steve,

Thanks for pointing that out. We have something similar in mind for next year, although we hadn’t considered make it into a widget as well. We’ll look into that when the time comes.

Thanks again!