Accessibility plugin compatibility

I noticed there are some old, closed threads on accessibility, nothing recent and fewer topics than I would have anticipated. Because BB does not have full accessibility functionality built in, the option is to go for a plugin (we are being asked to do this by a client). My question is, has anyone installed any of the accessibility plugins out there and had a successful BB co-existence? And if so, your thoughts on whatever plugin you opted for?
Thanks so much.

Hi there,

I work as a freelancer with a small agency, and we have begun focusing on making our projects as accessible as possible. Unfortunately, there is no drop in solution that will cover accessibility for your site. In fact, there are many voices in the community who strongly oppose a plugin solution. You can read the details here: Background: Should I use an accessibility overlay? - The A11Y Project

My personal solution, which I’m just getting started with, is to learn how to improve accessibility with proper coding and modifying existing themes and plugins to be more supportive.

I purchased a subscription to AXE by Deque, which has a free and premium version. It’s an addon for Chrome that will scan a web page and call out potential accessibility issues, and show detailed information about how to fix them. Very helpful!

I also recently purchased a subscription to Deque University’s Web Accessibility course package, which I’m hoping will teach me to address web accessibility early in the build process and include the time and resources required in my initial project bids.

I hope this is helpful, and I hope others will chime in on this thread with how they are addressing web accessibility.

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Hi. Thanks for some really useful input and the article was definitely food for thought. Of course, as usual, there are only so many hours in a day so I have to weigh which competencies to develop myself vs. just using a ‘plug in’ type solution. But again, much food for thought. Out of curiosity, of course, I hope that some who have had accessibility plugin experience will weigh in to tell us how they fared.

What “full accessibility functionality” are you missing from BB?

Hi Jamie.
Probably none? The problem is that I started to read up on requirements and they seem daunting and was hoping to use one of the more aggressive plugins to identify and potentially fix issues. Now I’m thinking that I could just get a plugin that ‘tests’ the site and tells me what needs fixing and then I can possibly do it.
In short, it’s a new field for me and this was the route I was thinking of taking.
All suggestions welcome, of course.