Accordion container fl-accordion-content requires clearfix for floated items


The div that holds the content for each Accordion item (fl-accordion-content) requires your clearfix class to be added otherwise floated items extend past the bottom of the container as can be seen in this image -

In the above image, the iPad image is floated right and as you can see, it extends past the bottom of the div.


WordPress: 4.2.1
BeaverBuilder Plugin: 1.5.6
BeaverBuilder Theme: 1.2.9
No other plugins activated

Hey Anthony,

Indeed, I get the same problem from my end. I’ll be assigning this to another member of the team so they can check. Thank you for reaching out!


Hello Anthony,

I have already issued a bug report regarding this so we should be able to get a fix going for the next maintenance release.


Thanks for that Ben :slight_smile:

Anytime, Anthony!