Accordion problem

We are facing a serious issue on our site. when we are trying to add new item in Accordion and saving it then old items in that accordion is leaving blank after save . we mean to say if we add new item to accordion and save this then previously added items data automatically erased or blank.

We have updated plugin with latest version but unfortunately problem has not solved yet.

We can share our site’s login details with you by private message.

Please take a look into this serious issue as soon as possible


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Any luck on this? We are 1 going on 2 months behind on this project and it’s solely because of an issue we’re having trying to use Builder beaver. We love it, but do need it to work Please help.

Hey Jayson! I am trying to look into this right now, but I am getting a 403 forbidden error when I try to access the login page.

I am wondering if there is a markup/script error in the Accordion’s content? That would be my guess as to why this is happening.

If you can get me setup with a login, I will try to figure this out ASAP for you.

Hi Jayson,

I have had a similar issue with the accordion. What I did in that case was to delete that accordion module and start again with a new one. Perhaps you have already tried this, but it worked in my case.

That said, I notice on the site that it appears you are using some sort of CSS minification plugin/service. Perhaps this is what may be causing the issue.

A great troubleshooting method is to disable all plugins except BB to see if the problem goes away or persists. If it goes away, then enable them one by one, checking each time, until you find the culprit.

Another thing to try is to clear the BB cache:

Settings > Page Builder > Cache > Clear Cache



Thanks for the help. I tried your suggestions and didn’t have any luck.


Thanks for your help too. I’m not sure what’s going on.

Thinking back, the problem happened when I created a template. I’ll try to do a page without the template.

This is the URL that shows up when using the Page Builder

At the end of the URL it says FL_builder, which I’d assume represents the Florida Home Builder page I used to create the template. Is it unusual that the URL ends like that, or is that normal with wpbb?

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Hi Jayson! Sorry for the delay over the weekend. I am back at the computer for the day. I just checked out your homepage, and it looks like the accordion is functioning properly. We’re you able to resolve this issue, or are you still having trouble? Let me know and I will look into it ASAP.

We still have this problem, let me explain you the problem -

When we add accordion module in any new page or old page and add items to accordion module and save the module then items are showing without any issue but if we add new items or edit already added items and save that module then previously added items are getting blank automatically .

you can check this issue at

or you can create a new page and test this issue.

If you have any problem to login to our site with login details (posted in above reply #12329) then please let me know with your ip.

Please try to solve this issue ASAP


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Thanks Jayson! I am able to get into the site now. I setup a new page to play around on. I was able to add a tab group, and I copy/pasted some of the tab content from the original page you were having trouble with. It seems to be working okay.

I notice you have some tracking code in your links, I am wondering if maybe the code you’re using has a bug (like is missing a closing quote or something like that). Could you try experimenting on my test page and see if you can recreate the error. If you can, copy/paste the tab content that you put in that’s causing the problem.



You have added Tabs module and not published the page. However, we have problem with Accordion module which is available under Advanced Modules. So here is the steps to test the error .

  1. click on Add Content button in top Page Builder bar.
  2. click & drag Accordion module which is available under Advanced Modules to page area
    3.Add items (any number or atleast 5-6) to this Accordion module and add data to those items then save that module by clicking save
  3. Next click on Done button in top Page Builder bar.
  4. click on Publish Changes button in “What would you like to do?” pop up box.
  5. Repeat steps 3 to 5 .
  6. you will notice that items which have added before are blank and only last added items will show .

I hope I have explained you here the exact steps to identify the issue.

Jason, oh shoot! Sorry about that. Thanks for explaining in more detail.

I was experience some odd behavior, but not the exact same issue you’re having. I tried disabling your caching plugin and things started running much smoother. Can you give that a try?

If that doesn’t solve the problem, there is likely a conflict with your theme or a plugin. The next step would be temporarily switching to one of the default TwentyX themes to see if that fixes it.

Let me know if either of these fix the issue. Sorry again for all the trouble. Thanks, Jayson!

Hello Jayson,

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve heard from you so we are going to mark this thread resolved. If you need anything further, please let us know!


Thanks Ben. We are going to use another plugin, because we are not able to get the issue fixed.