accordion questions

hi bb team,

i am building our new website with the bb theme and plugin
and have 2 questions regarding the accordion

  1. the accordion is not opening up anymore, nor can i save
    basically the cancel is save

i saw a similar post in the forum
and their another plugin caused the problems
however the only plugin we installed was PA knowledgebase, that you run yourself
so i dont think that can cause the problem

  1. another maybes strange question regarding the accordion

we are using the accordion with tabs
but the txt fields in these tabs are only very basic ( the basic editor)
is there a way i can edit the tab pages with the bb pagebuilder

i know strange question, using page builder in page builder
but i am just missing the options to build nice pages within the tabs…

or maybe i should try to get the same result in a complete other way

many thanks

Hey Reinoud,

Welcome to the BB forums! :slight_smile:

Are you running the latest version of the plugin? We’re currently on 1.7.4. If you aren’t, can you go ahead and update? Also, what theme are you using? Can you share the URL to the site in question so we can take a look?

Unfortunately, we only offer the basic Text Editor as content for the Accordion and Tabs module for now. We already have a request for that so if you’ve a minute, feel free to vote for it on the link below. :slight_smile:


Hi Ben

I am already on the latest version of the plugin
and we are using the BB theme

here is the link to faq page of the website with the accordian
that is giving problems


hi Ben

i just saw another issue i only have at the “live staging site”
the header shows an image
instad of a blue background

just like in

maybe you have a solution for this as well



Hey Reinoud,

Sorry, but I can’t access the FAQs link you gave above as it asked for access details.

Re the live staging site, you’re assigning a background image to the first row, that’s where the image is coming from. Just remove the background image on the row. :slight_smile:


[Content Hidden]

hi ben

image removed from first row
problem was that i had it attached it to the row
with csshero while doing some testing

real pia , difficult to track back where it is coming from…

maybe you can help me out with another issue
the header and the row below the header both have the same color
but on the site you see a minimal line speratng the 2…annoying
any idea if this can be solved

thanks for great support
and great product


Hi Reinoud,

The accordion issue seems to be caused by a JavaScript error on your site. I recommend you disable all active plugins except for Beaver Builder and see if the accordion works.

Regarding the issue with the header and row below having the same color, but there being a line separating them. This is because the Header as a border bottom assigned to it.

You can override this by using the following CSS:

.fl-page-nav-right .fl-page-header-wrap {
    border-bottom: 0;


Hi Danny and Ben,

many thanks for the great support

success with the beaver adventure


Hi Ben and Danny,

short update

1 about the pictures in the background
i found out that when i disabled all plugins ( so including the csshero plugin)
the images in the background became visible on the page

however when i checked the modernizr with the bb theme
it said no image active , bit in the header background
as the content background

only when i selected a new image and activated that
that image as shown in the modernzr and i could delete it
this solved my background images problem

  1. accordion problems…it is still not working
    even with all plugins deactivated
    only beaver builder plugin is active
    on top of the bb theme

  2. bottom border of header
    the snippet danny gave me doesn’t seem to work
    but i now know it has to do with the header bottom
    will find it out

thanks again

hi ben and danny

sorry for troubling you so much

but keep on having problems
i was updating the header wrap for the line
in fact i saw it was not showing anymore
but when i saved the settings i got a white screen
on the pages “eigenschappen” en “blog”

for asking all this stuff

my feeling is dat builder and csshero is not a perfect fit…
every time i am working in csshero the problems start


hi guys

short update from my side
seems that the bb plugin has crashed
all pages are visible when you use the normal editor
however when you use the pagebuilder to view/edit you get a white screen

i have tried to deactivated/active the builder plugin; no change

i have tried to install a revision, but that doesnt change anything

hope you can find the problem


Hi Reinoud,

Where did you add the CSS I provided? As that should have removed the border-bottom from the header.

In regards to your other issues, do I have permission to disable all active plugins, if required?


HI Danny

yesterday evening there was an upgrade available for the BB plugin
once i installed this, the white screens where gone and it worked
like normal again

i added the css in the global settings css
but because of your question i reminded i could
also put it in the css via the customizer
now it works !

could you tell me when to put things in the customizer
and when via the global layout settings

as you also have layout settings per page
i assumed the globals settings where the same as
via the customizer css

the live site, is the “old” site build on genesis/dynamik
with beaver builder plugin

as there where so many places where to put settings
and where custom css was managed…
i am now rebuilding this in the beaver builder theme
together with the bb plugin ( this is the staging site)
this way i wanted to have a much cleaner install
ofcourse it all depends on what you need
but with the current bb theme and plugin you can do a lot

however integrating external plugins in the builder
sometimes is difficult, as you expect the bb editor functionality
to style/edit things
but then you are limited to the plugin basic functions again

but to come back to your point
this is why there was/is a difference between the live site and the staging site
but the bottom border is now gone !

i have no idea where the javascript error is coming from
you may change / do whatever is necessary to solve

many thanks

Hi Reinoud,

If you’re going to be using the BB theme from now on. Then you shouldn’t receive that JS error and the Accordion module should work without any problem. As that was apparently coming from your third party theme.

In regards to adding your custom CSS. If you’re using the BB theme, I would recommend adding your Custom CSS to either the Customizer or my personal preference would be to use a child theme (available from your BB account page) and add your CSS to the child themes style.css. However, the choice is entirely up you to.

Do you have any further questions?


Hi Danny
indeed I am going to use the BB theme and plugin that is the staging1 environment but i have deactived all plugins yesterday and still the accordion was not working will try again because we upgraded beaver builder yesterday

we are already using the bb child team as our main theme i thought i was customizing the style.css via the modernizer but based on your comments i assume this is not the case where is the location of the style.css of the child theme

many thanks reinoud

HI Danny

Javascript error solved
was a “bad line” in the layout settings

accordion is working again

thanks for all the help


Hi Reinoud,

The child theme’s style.css file can be accessed by either going to WordPress Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Editor and then select style.css or using an FTP client.