Accordion will not display posts module from shortcode

Dear Beaver Builder Community;

I’m a long-time Wordpress user but this is my first time with Beaver Builder. I have a page on which I would like to use an accordion module. Within each fold I’d like to put a posts module. I built the posts modules into rows, saved the rows and put the content into the accordion fold as a shortcode. When initially placed this seems to work, but when I look at the finished page, instead of four posts I get four horizontal lines (or two, or whatever – always the right number of posts I expected, but just horizontal lines.)

I tried deactivating all my plugins (there weren’t many) but no joy.

The site is in development, so unless you’d like to change your hosts file, I can’t give you a link.

Here is a screenshot showing the shortcode, with the immediate result behind it, and then the result after the page is published.

Any thoughts would be helpful. I’d really like to structure the page (and at least one other on this site ) this way.



Does resizing the browser make the posts appear in the right place?

Good thought. No, I tried that, and various other kinds of refresh, and no luck.

Same issue here, was there ever a solution?