ACF Relationship Post Titles in Archive and Singular Posts

Hey there, Beaver Builders!
So, I’m building a website for an organization that works with native tribes and casinos. We have tribal offices as a CPT and casinos as a CPT, and using the relationship field via ACF to connect them. For the sake of simplifying this, let’s use the “tribe” field under the “casino” CPT which connects to the tribe CPT.
It’s so cool BB works with ACF, and using the posts module you can use “ACF Relationship” as a source!
However, a few things don’t seem to work which surprises me… or maybe they do and you can help me out (or point me in a direction on how to do it.) I’m comfortable work with a little PHP if that’s the only way.

  1. Using Beaver Themer, the first and most simple thing I’d like to do is get the related post’s name to show in a singular theme layot. I was optimistic that, just like any other field, I could display the tribe’s name on the casino page the same way I could display the casino’s phone number, but when I try to connect it to the field, I get only a number to display.
    Is there an easy way to do this?
  2. This one is more complex I’m assuming, but ACF confirmed it happen with some php. If we can get this work in the builder, even better!
    I want some of the tribe fields to display within the casino archive listing using the post module. I just cannot figure out how to do it. Is this possible with the current setup, and if not, any advice on how to go about this? Maybe creating a custom module? ACF sent me some PHP to pull info like that over.
    If we could figure out something like this, that’d be great, and honestly, I think it’d be a great feature for Builder Beaver overall.
    Any ideas? Thanks Beaver Builders! Love BB FOR LIFE!