ACF text area paragraph returns

Hi all. I’ve tried posting on the ACF community with no response. Trying my luck here. Using ACF text area, I cannot get each new line return/paragraph to actually wrap in individual p tags as it’s supposed to. In other words, when you type in an acf text area in a post, the output in BB is just a line return, not a paragraph space. This happens no matter how many line returns you put into the field. Hope this is clear.
Thanks all.

Change the text area filed type to wysiwyg type field and test once. Hope that it will work.

You’ve saved my hide. This said, there is still a minor bug people should know about. You cannot take a Text Area field and just convert it to wysiwyg. There some kind of bug that will not convert all that you’ve typed in into paragraphs. It won’t work even if you copy and paste original text into it. If you want paragraphs, you have to create fresh wysiwyg fields and then it works. In short, I won’t get fired but now I have to go in and update/change about forty fields … :roll_eyes:
Thanks again!!