Activatin / Deactivating via the Domain Manager

Hey guys.

I’ve just added the BB Pro plugin to a new site, though it doesn’t appear in the Domain Manager. On the Domain Manager page it says ‘activate or deactivate domains associated with your account’, so I was expecting the new domain to appear in there once the plugin was activated.

It would appear that we still need to add the license key manually via the plugin settings on the actual website. Could you confirm if this is correct for me or if I’m overlooking something - quite possible :slight_smile:

If this is the case, do you think the activation process may change in the near future to allow remote activation for new installs.

Many thanks - Alan.

Hi Alan,

If you want to display a domain on the Domain Manager, you will first need to enter your license key on that site through the sites WordPress Admin Dashboard.

The Domain Manager allows you to remove the license remotely, but not add your license remotely.

It’s a great idea and therefore, would it be possible for you to add this to our User Voice, please?


Hi Danny.

Thanks for that update. I’ve gone ahead and added it in the User Voice section.

So for now, should it just say ‘deactivate domains associated with your account’, or are you able to re-activate previously deactivated domains?

That’s a lot of activate stuff going on there :slight_smile:

Hi Alan,

If you have deactivated a domain via the Domain Manager, you can reactivate the domain. However, you will still need to enter your license on the site.