Activating PageBuilder replaces the page content with an older version of the pg

Ben Carlo,
Please see this page:

When I log in as WP administrator, view the above page, and activate Page Builder, an OLDER REVISION of the entire page is opened by Page Builder instead of the current version.
See “Weekly notes” text at the top of the page versions.
Current version text: “2/23”
Older version text: “9/22 … 11/10” and the versions are different in many places.

I had earlier created the current page content by restoring an old versions. The erroneous page content that is displayed by Beaver Builder now, is the page that I replaced with the restoration.

Please fix this disastrous behavior. I have created and admin account with the User / Pswd in the next (Private) post.

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Hi Tom,

There is no issue here, Beaver Builder is working as intended. The issue you have is that you have wrote your most updated article 2/23 using the WordPress native editor. However, when you enable the Page Builder, the native editor is no longer active and is replaced with Beaver Builder.

Your old content 9/22 has been added via a Text Module. So if you want to use the Page Builder on that page, you’re going to need to copy the content from the native WordPress editor and update it in the Text module.


Thanks Danny,
I didn’t know that Beaver Builder keeps its own, separate, “current”, copy of the page.

Now I just need to train the editor, who made the other changes, on using BeaverBuilder.

No problem, Tom.