Add a label for named color presets

Is there a filter I can use to change the display of the color presets so that if I create a custom palette, I can label the various colors? This would make it much easier for my team to know they are using the correct color for a particular circumstance.


//Add color presets for Beaver Builder
function my_builder_color_presets( $colors ) {
  $colors = array();

    $colors[] = '8E181B';
    $colors[] = 'D11C23';
    $colors[] = '1A4688';
    $colors[] = 'D6E1EE';
    $colors[] = 'fdfffc';
    $colors[] = 'f1d302';

  return $colors;

//Add labels to presets
function my_builder_color_labels( $labels ) {
  $labels = array();

    $labels[] = 'Gray';
    $labels[] = 'Primary Blue';
    $labels[] = '2ndary Blue';
    $labels[] = 'Green';
    $labels[] = 'Accent Red';
    $labels[] = 'Some  Othe Color';

  return $labels;

I think the hook/filter is ‘fl_builder_color_presets’

More info in the KB: