Add Additional fields from Advance Custom Fields to the Posts Carousel

I’m wanting to add more information to the items on the Posts Carousel.

I’m using Custom Post Types UI and ACF to create custom posts and custom fields. I am displaying the Custom Posts in a Posts Carousel, however, I want the fields from ACF to show as well.

Any suggestions?

Oh yes, use the Posts module custom layout and Themer shortcodes.
Obviously, it requires Beaver Themer. :wink:
Ah, but you mention the Posts carousel module, which doesn’t have a custom layout option i think…

I have Beaver Themer. I’ll give it a try and see how it goes. Thanks!

For a carousel presentation of posts, there is PowerPack Content grid which has a carousel option.

I tried the PowerPack Content grid, however, I don’t see a custom layout option. I could be overlooking it, but so far, nothing.

PP Content Grid > Layout tab > Select Style dropdown > Custom

Thanks! I was able to get it fixed! I appreciate your help.

I am using
Beaver Builder Plugin (Agency Version) Version
PowerPack for Beaver Builder Version 2.14.1
But I don’t have custom option in the dropdown

Also I have ACF installed where I have a Custom post type called Products. In this I have option to upload two PDF files through ACF fields.
I want to pull those two ACF buttons.
Is this possible to do like this (If so please tell me how can I do so)

BUTTON 1 | BUTTON 2 (these are ACF fields)

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

It requires Beaver Themer to build custom layouts in Posts modules.