Add Background image to Header

Hi Robby, is it possible to add a background image to the header?

I want the logo to sit on a textured background in the header instead of selecting a colour.



Hi Kay, you can’t add a background image through the theme settings, but you can do it with CSS. Here is the CSS class/code you can tweak. Let me know if it doesn’t work…

.fl-page-header {
    background: url('image_url');

Hi Robby,

Can we use the WordPress Custom Headers ( to be able to change the header background via the Appearance tab?


Hi Helms,

Currently, I don’t think that is doable. We’re actually hard at work with some really cool new theme features that directly relate to this problem. In the next few weeks, we’re rolling out an update that will add a lot more functionality to the theme, particularly in the header area! Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Hey Robby,

Sounds good, can’t wait!