Add links to the images that are in the 'content slider' module

I need to add links to the images that are in the ‘content slider’ module. I need to give each image a separate link.
ref url
If you check out the newsletter section : there are 5 images, i need links for all the 5 images.
3 images already have links but 2 needs to be added
(i dont know how i added those 3 links :slight_smile:

Hey Balaji,

Good to hear from you again! You can place a link on the content slides by setting the Content Layout type to Text. A new tab labeled Call to Action will appear right at the top. Place your link on the field labeled Link.

Hope this helps!


I’m having the same issue, and this response did not resolve it. Possible bug or am I doing something wrong? I have a link in the call to action, but nothing.