Add Read More to excerpts on post grid

I have manual excerpts on my posts that show up great in the posts grid - however I want to add a Read More link underneath the excerpts (content and read more works fine but I specifically want to use excerpts)

Any suggestions?

Hi Nicola!

You can actually add a read more link using the posts module settings. If you click to edit the settings and scroll down in the layout tab, you’ll see a ‘More Link’ option that you can toggle on and off under the content section. Let me know if you have any trouble finding that and have a great day!


My apologies Nicola, I responded too fast before realizing what you were referring to! Have you tried just using some basic HTML to add a read more link in the excerpt?

That appears to work well for me. This is good feedback though! Feel free to add this feature here if you like!

Good idea thanks!