Add ReCaptcha to Subscription form

I found instructions to add a reCaptcha to my subscription form but it mentions a captcha tab but I don’t have that available. I have the google captcha keys but don’t know how to enter that info into beaver builder to make this work (I have it working in another plug in but and quite confused by beaver builders. Can anyone please give me better instruction than I am finding here (Add a Google reCAPTCHA checkbox to a form | Beaver Builder Knowledge Base)?

I would appreciate any assistance with this!


Ok so I created a new subscription form and now that form has the reCaptcha option BUT it only allows for name - not first and last name as my previous form did. How do I add additional input fields to the subscription form in UABB? (it appear that maybe the first form was created in an older version and did not “translate” the a more recent version.

Please help. I need to get this job completed asap.