add templates to "home pages" or add screenshot in the "yout templates" section

i would like one of the 2 ooptions:

  1. be able to add extra “home page” templates in the current “layout templates” list


  1. be able to add screenshots to “your templates” section instead of just a name

ideally the first option would be better, to modify in the plugin level.


Hi, if not screenshots at least comments would be great. I often save templates on an intermediate basis because I need some elements I already developed on another site. And especially in this case comments would be helpful at most.

Regards, Leo

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the feedback and requests! It would be great if you could add these to our Uservoice forum as that is what we use for feature requests and ultimately, the decision on what we develop in the future. These forums are generally used for bugs, issues, etc. with the products.