Adding a Header and Button to a Photo

Hi, as a novice user I am finding BB really easy to use. However I have a question- I see in the templates that the full screen background photos have a header/button placed within the photo. Is there a way to accomplish the same result by inserting a photo into a web page and then putting a header and button similarly inside the photo? (I am working with two columns rather than the full width which is why I did not just use the template as a starting point)

Hi Daniel,

Yes, this can be accomplished by setting the background of the column that will have the photo with the photo: Column Settings > Background > Type > Photo > select image > set the options as desired. Then add the Heading and Button modules and style accordingly :slight_smile:



Hey Daniel,

Just wanted to chime in here. In addition to what Lyle said, you can also apply the same to a row. Try playing around with the settings more and I’m sure you’ll love it! If you need anything further, just let us know. :slight_smile: