Adding child columns woes

Hi all, I have always had a tricky time getting child columns dragged in another column. It’s been a few months since i built using BB, and now with BB updates, it’s still trying to get the best of me, but it’s different. It seems if i drag from modules > rows > columns, into a column i already have (not a child), it will let me drag the 2 columns module, but not the 1 column. If i do drag the 2, and then delete one of them, it removes both of them. What the gel is happening?

I bet i can use a shortcode from a saved column template, which i can do, but i would also like to simply add in the builder.

Before recent updates (don’t remember which exact version) i think it would let me sometimes drag from one column to another in the modules list, or some other workaround ish way.

So, what’s the way to add a column inside another in the builder? And or link to updated docs might be great if that’s what I’m missing. Here is a Loom of me trying to add a column, then adding two, and how it deletes both if i delete just one:

Hey Ben,

It seems to be a problem with 2.8.xx. I had the same problem, and thought I was crazy. I removed the new version and installed the version and creating child columns is no longer a problem. The changelog for indicates various hotfixes related to drag/dropping columns, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Thanks @craiger522 ! I might try that. I do have that newest version so I guess there’s still a bug.