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Hi, the company I work for offers a free counselling option to the bereaved via a pop up chat box initially.

I have a script that I need to paste above the closing tag on our webpage.

We only want this pop up to appear on the pages for bereaved families, not product pages etc.

I didn’t create the site, I’ve inherited it. It uses BeaverBuilder and wordpress, and I’m not sure where the code needs to go. The pop up chat box works on our Charities and fundraising page, but not the Free Grief Support page weirdly. It used to work on the grief support page.

Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this please so we can go back to supporting bereaved parents? Thank you.

Works on this page:

The page I need help with:

If you open the page that works you will find a HTML module with the code for the chatbox, you need to copy that code and add it to the other page.

Hi, thanks for your reply. Where would I find this module please? Is it within the edit page section, edit page with beaver? Somewhere else? :sweat_smile: thank you for your help!! This isn’t my forte.

Its a HTML module in the Beaver Builder page content somewhere.

You can find it using the “outline” panel Outline Panel | Beaver Builder Knowledge Base

Thank you for helping! Appreciate your support with this :slight_smile:

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