Adjust logo size and center it

Hi everyone! Maybe someone can help me. I try to adjust the size of the logo AND center it at the same time. I can resize it with the css code what i found here in answers, but after then the logo is on the left side. But i want it in the middle on top and after then below the Navigation also centered. Anybody know pls how i can solve? Thank you very much!

Do you have a link to an example page so I can look at it?

Hi and thank you very much in advance! I have made a example Website here:

Temporary credentials are:

User: Ghilber7896
Pass: Hopemi29ruga*//89HHg

Ass you see there i putet in the css code what i found here. It works fine, but the logo is aligned on the left site…thx

BB 2.5 will have that option to center a logo in BB Menu module, as the option already exists in BB Theme menu.

See BB 2.5 features here: Beaver Builder 2.5 Alpha