Beaver Builder 2.5 Alpha

The first 2.5 Alpha is now available. We have some exciting things in this release that we hope you will enjoy. Remember, this is Alpha. Please do not use this on a Production environment as there are bugs and features could be changed or even removed based on testing and feedback

2.5 Alpha 1 - 02/12/2021


  • NEW: Outline Panel to easily see the structure of your page. The ability to move things around in the panel will come in a future update.
  • NEW: Add Duplicate option for BB posts in the WP Admin
  • Menu Module: Now has styling options for sub-menu link colors and the responsive toggle, also new option to have a logo in the center of the menu, new option to add search to the menu, and add support for showing WooCommerce cart contents in the menu
  • Pricing Table Module: Add toggle for monthly/yearly pricing, add the ability to add icons for each feature, add Typography options, and add option to display a ribbon
  • Content Slider: Add Background Overlay option for individual slides
  • Post Slider Module: Now has Typography options
  • Video Module: Add structured data options for contentUrl and embedUrl
  • Columns: Make width field available even for Single Columns
  • Add new mode to disable history temporarily
  • Debug Mode: Only output errors if showerrors parameter is in the URL
  • Disable smooth scroll via custom class fl-no-scroll
  • Add basic support for Font Awesome Official Plugin
  • Automatically clear CSS/JS files when URL changes

Bug Fixes

  • Revisions now show correct time when Site Timezone changed
  • Fixed issue with color pickers in Dark Mode
  • Fixed issue with ampersand used in Categories not showing properly in Loop filters section
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Hi Jamie,

Some really great stuff here. Thanks.

I want to put a video out on this, but there are few things I want to check

  • The Outline panel - will there be the option to disable? I know many builders want this, but guess not clients.

  • Where do I find this: “Add Duplicate option for BB posts in the WP Admin”?

  • Also where do I find the “new mode to disable history temporarily” and do you know when I might use it?

  • What support for Font Awesome Official Plugin might be useful that was not there?

Just talking my first look now.

In wp-admin, posts/pages/templates/rows/modules etc etc, there is now a duplicate link so you can duplicate that layout nativly now. Rather than using one of the many duplicate plugins that do not know how to handle nodes.

This is more of a debug tool for support really, like if you have 2 billion revisions and on potato hosting you can bypass the whole loading of revisions.

The official plugin has some great options! Literally you just connect it to your FA account and it will always load the latest version, plus all your kits are right there to select.

Thank you so much for these quick answers. Makes sense .

I can see the duplicate link now. It is added when a page or post is using a BB template. I like the idea, but I am concerned how this could work my clients who already have and need a duplicate post plugin for regular posts. On pages they could start to see the new BB option and the one they are used to.

You missed my question about being able to disable the outline panel.

outline panel, as it matures we will add a way to enable/disable it, there is more to be done there yet, it is only the 1st alpha :wink:

Yea as for the duplicate layout, unfortunately we have to add the link there, its the only place it can go, we only add it to types that are BB enabled, not our fault if other plugins blindly add their link to all types even if they have zero support for those types :wink:

We also thought about colouring the links but that looked awful, so we ended up adding the little green dot.

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Hi, i think that a plugin like Duplicate Post enables its duplicate option on a Post Type basis and i’m not sure it’s enabled by default for BB/Themer layouts, which allows to only have BB 2.5 duplicate option on BB Posts.