Beaver Builder 2.5 Beta

We’ve now moved 2.5 into the Beta part of the release cycle. Here’s what has changed since Alpha 5

2.5 Beta 1 - 06/22/2021


  • Update internal links to the Knowledge Base
  • Remove Google+ Icon from Slideshow Module

Bug Fixes

  • All fixes in
  • Callout Module: Fix image set to show on right being off centered vertically when a link is entered
  • Content Slider: Fix mobile image alt tag being empty when using slide content layout
  • Slideshow Module: Fix tweet button visibility and issues with icon alignment
  • Fixed issue with smooth scrolling when clicking on a "Back to Top" link when Themer "Sticky" Header is enabled
  • Fix unneeded AJAX call for notifications
  • Icon Module: Revert fix for alignment issues when using multiple modules to create a group of icons
  • Text Editor Module: Fix bold not working properly with Google Fonts as that version wasn't being enqueued

2.5 Beta 2 - 07/02/2021


  • Countdown Module: Add overall Alignment option
  • Shortcode column for Saved Elements no longer displays in WP Admin for Trashed items
  • Add support for SEOPress
  • Menu Module: Add support for Menu Module closing when tabbing through the last of the items
  • Update the Welcome page in WP Admin for 2.5 version

Bug Fixes

  • Icon Group Module: Fix alignment issue when using Icon Text option
  • Photo Module: Fix issue with cropping on some hosts
  • Pricing Table: Fix Advanced Spacing not saving for existing modules and remove alignment option for Feature list Typography
  • UI: Fix node visibility icon flashing on hover
  • Fixed PHP Notices when Applying a Template
  • Fixed responsive editing being glitchy when inline assets is enabled
  • Fixed issue where due to custom code the post_id could be set wrong in AJAX
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Would love some more details on any SEO Press improvements please.
What has changed here?

Its the same as yoast and rankmath, We use their filters to pass the actual layout data to their analysis tools on the wp-admin post edit page. By default they just look at the normal wp content.


Just started using 2.5 on a new build. So, so useful having the template shortcodes on display and duplicate option for this particular client and job. Thank you for all your work. I love it,

I was just doing this client a personal video explaining child columns and I stumbled a bit when I showed them this on the Outline Panel. Child columns there are called a sub-columns which makes perfect sense in that context, but after showing them you can spot a child column because it has a parent it seemed odd.

Not saying I think it is wrong - just what struck me at the time. Not usual for me to get into this with clients, but this one has had a few BB sites going back 6 years.

2.5 Beta 3 - 07/23/2021


  • Add some improvements to the display of the Launch BB area in WP Editor
  • Icon Picker: various enhancements including live search, recently used icons section and more compatibility with FontAwesome plugin
  • Icon Group Module: Spacing setting is now responsive
  • Outline Panel: Add filter to disable fl_builder_outline_panel_enabled
  • Outline Panel: Make sure restricted editing works properly
  • Cache Clearing Tool: Improve integration with CloudFlare plugin
  • Developers: Post type field now supports multi-select

Bug Fixes

  • All fixes from
  • Outline Panel: Various fixes to make sure Outline Panel data is current as you make changes
  • Widgets: Fix showing no longer exists message if the title is blank
  • Icon Group Module: Fix alignment issues if Icon Text is empty
  • SEOPress: Fix issue with second post module on the page pagination doesn't work if category slug is removed in SEOPress.
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2.5 Beta 4 - 08/12/2021

Our hope is that this is our final beta before stable.


  • New Premium Templates added: 2 new Landing page templates and several content page templates
  • Icon Picker: Custom sets now appear at the top of the picker lightbox
  • Add icons for border, border radius, padding, and margin labels

Bug Fixes

  • Make sure content panel icons for modules are all the same size
  • Photo Module: Fix fatal error when using PHP8 and border is a string
  • Fix column visibility tootlip hiding behind column when column background color, gradient or photo is set
  • Fix column settings inside Global Row being broken
  • Menu Module: Fix flyout menu being visible while builder is active
  • Fix SVGs used in layout/global CSS
  • Fix notices on WP 5.8 Block Widget Screen
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