Beaver Builder 2.5 Alpha

Yes, will be in Lite as well.

Yes, safer, if feasable on your side, maybe you could already do it for the most popular, beginning by Yoast Duplicate Post?

Duplicate Post: 3M users
True, there’s a bunch of these plugins: Search Results for “duplicate post” |

The issue is here there are strict rules for hosting on wporg and one of those rules is you shouldn’t be messing with other plugins functionality. Our link will only show up if the layout is already a bb layout.

Oh ok, it makes sense.

Thanks Jamie, I thought they would.

2.5 Alpha 2 - 03/05/2021

  • Add custom position for column backgrounds as well
  • Allow line height to be 0 in Typography settings
  • In WP Admin list for for saved elements, show shortcode and add click to copy to clipboard
  • Content Slider Module: Make Button Padding Responsive
  • Icon Group Module: Add option to have Icon Text
  • Menu Module: Add typography for Dropdown links, Add option to control size of the responsive toggle
  • Post Carousel Module: Add Typography options
  • Separator Module: Height and Alignment are now responsive
  • Subscribe Module: Mailpoet 3 integration now shows all lists
  • WPCLI Enhancements: wp beaver global list shows list of all options and wp beaver global-update --id=default_heading_selector --value=.fl-post-header updates a single option

Bug Fixes

  • Fix update notice always showing if opted in to pre-release updates
  • Menu Module: Various bug fixes


Working on getting a custom icon I have added to my Font Awesome Pro Kit to be used in BB.
Added alpha and the FA plugin.

It looks like from a FA setup point of view to enable custom icons in the kits, they have to be switched from Webfont to SVG. That will break the icons in BB wont it?

The FA plugins says if I change from webfont to svg it will break BB.

Has anyone done this successfully yet?

Screen Recording 2021-03-09 at 11.26.01 AM

yea the kit has to be webfont, but you can still add your custom icon as svg, FA kit will serve it as webfont

actually the custom icon stuff might not be in alpha2 yet lol just realised the PR is not merged yet :stuck_out_tongue: sorry lol deffo will be in next tho

Using the patch from @pross (so probably alpha 3) the FA custom icons in Kits are working well within BB.

I did have some issues getting the FA plugin working and saving settings. The Nginx default config we were using doesn’t allow the PUSH, DELETE or PATCH requests which the plugin needs, so I had to create Nginx custom headers to allow these. In case anyone else has a similar issues on Nginx. It tested fine on Litespeed.

It was a simple setup after this. Add your FA API key and select your Kit in the FA plugin and it then just shows in BB

Page Builder ‹ Healthier Lives — WordPress 2021-03-09 at 3.02.37 PM

Our Research – Healthier Lives 2021-03-09 at 3.18.38 PM

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2.5 Alpha 3 - 03/23/2021

  • Outline Panel: Add right click context menu where you can delete modules, open settings. Add Label in Advanced setting which is now visible in the Outline Panel, single click now scrolls to element while double click opens settings
  • Menu Module: Add option to not stack items when responsive toggle is disabled
  • Pricing Table Module: Refactor pricing table features so that they are inline instead of opening up a sub sub form and add a new ribbon position
  • Improvements to the integration with the FontAwesome plugin
  • Border Field Type: Add ability to disable parts of the compound field

Bug Fixes

  • Fix custom row/col background positions hiding when they shouldn't
  • Fix preview not showing on subforms
  • Fix debug URL throwing an error if child theme is active with no functions.php
  • Fix JS/CSS error when options keys have a non alphanumeric character
  • Fix Molle Google Font not working properly
  • Fix inconsistent font-family in builder UI
  • Contact Form Module: Fix console notices when multiple modules are present on the same page
  • Icon Module: Fix alignment issues when using multiple modules to create a group of icons
  • Icon Module: Fix screen reader text being visible when it should not in some cases
  • Icon Group Module: Fix issue with background color being wrong shape>
  • Menu Module: Adjust search placement on vertical layouts
  • Text Editor Module: Fix strong/bold tag styling ignored when font weight is set in module

Will we be able to collapse and expand the elements in the outline panel in a future update? When viewing an already built page seeing a full list of the modules, columns and rows on the page might be a little overwhelming.

It might also be useful to provide the ability to apply meaningful label to rows, modules or columns perhaps it could default to a the id.

Hi Jay, yes expand/collapse is on the radar. But it will be after we finish the work for moving items in the Outline Panel. Alpha 4 you will be able to move modules. Rows/Columns to come.

You can already give elements a Label in the Advanced tab and it will show in the Outline Panel :slight_smile:

2.5 Alpha 4 - 04/30/2021


  • Outline Panel: Initial support for re-ordering modules. Empty columns currently have no drop zone. More to come!
  • Contact Form Module: Labels are now translatable
  • Shift some wp_options to autoload = false
  • Update jQuery deprecated code
  • Code Editor: Enable word wrap and line numbers by default
  • Fix conflict with 3CX Live Chat plugin
  • Add Layout Type As Parameter to the FLBuilder::render_content_classes() method
  • Try to remove other Duplicate plugin Duplicate links since they are not compatible with BB
  • Countdown Module: Add Typography Options
  • List Module: Update icon and move List items section to the top of the first tab
  • Menu Module: Add responsive dropdown styles and default menu items when no menus exist on the site
  • Number Counter: Add option to choose height of bar and not show number with Bar layout as well as add field connection for number
  • Icon Group Module: Alignment is now responsive
  • Pricing Table Module: Various improvements including separating tooltip/feature icon styling, adjusting default styling
  • Subscribe Module: Add filter for users to add their own service fl_builder_subscribe_form_services

Bug Fixes

  • Font Settings: Sanitize FontAwesome Pro Kit URL Field to prevent HTML
  • Improvements to prevent Google fonts from being enqueued twice in some circumstances with Global elements
  • Row/Column bg color need sanitizing
  • Fix YouTube row bg videos not working if you choose a start time
  • Fix JS errors when editing/saving form items
  • Icon Group Module: Fix background color not rendering properly and fix focus when tabbing
  • Content Slider: Fix JS error if link clicked after mobile layout kicks in and fix some styles shifting when styles re-arranged
  • Photo Fields: fix photo field forgetting selected size if you edited alt text and other data and add new filter to select default size fl_builder_default_image_select_size
  • Posts Module: Fix JS error seen in FireFox
  • Pricing Table Module: Fix issue where only one feature could be added if WP_DEBUG was off
  • Subscribe Module: Fix MailPoet Integration after they upgraded their API without backwards compatibility
  • Fix: Video background not resizing correctly when picked from Media Library
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In 2.5 Alpha 4 its not possible to edit Global Column Settings

WP Version: 5.7.2
Language: de_DE
Parent Theme: generatepress
Child Theme: generatepress-child
PHP Version: 7.4.16
Beaver Builder: 2.5-alpha.4
Server Info: nginx/1.14.2

How to reproduce:

  1. Create an Row with some Columns
  2. Save the Row as Global
  3. Go to the Global Editor and try to open a Column Setting

What should happen:

  • The Column Settings should open, as they does with the same saved Row in Beaver Builder Version:

What is happening:

  • A new Tab is called with a empty Page (“about:blank”)

I just changed from Alpha back to Stable and it worked again, switched back again to Alpha and it shows the same Problem.

Test with:
Windows 10

  • Chrome Version 90.0.4430.212 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit)
  • Firefox Version 88.0.1 (64-Bit)

Clicking this →

Opens this →

Hope you guys finding the Problem, and maybe fix it in the Alpha.5 → Loving BB :kissing:

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Thanks for testing. We’re aware of this issue and hope to have that addressed in the next Alpha.

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This issue will not be fixed in Alpha 5, due out shortly but we will get to it :slight_smile:

2.5 Alpha 5 - 05/27/2021


  • Outline Panel: You can now re-arrange items in the panel. Only limitation is sub-columns are not draggable.
  • Button Group Module: Add width for the horizontal layout
  • Number Counter Module: Add Typography
  • Post Modules: Make the suggest fields sortable
  • Pricing Table Module: Add features options for Pricing Boxes and change some default settings
  • Subscribe Module: Add better error handling if no service is selected
  • Testimonials Module: Accessibility improvements with navigation

Bug Fixes

  • Contact Module: Fix Ampersand displaying as entity in From Email
  • Content Slider: Fix delay not resetting and fix issues with slides skipping while in transition
  • Countdown Module: Fix circle being clipped at certain sizes
  • Icon Group Module: Fix alignment issues
  • Icon Picker: Fix missing Icon
  • Menu Module: Fix issues with preview showing incorrectly until save
  • Pricing Table Module: Fix features disappearing if module was saved for re-use or if there were too many features
  • Pricing Table Module: Fix expand collapse arrow not working if you duplicated a feature
  • Subscribe Module: Fix conflict with WooCommerce Mailer Lite
  • Subscribe Module: Fix issue where users couldn't join multiple Mailer Lite lists & remove trashed lists from List dropdown
  • IE 11: Fix visibility issues where items set to hide on screens were showing unexpectedly
  • Restricted Editing: Make sure users can still unpin content panel

We’ve moved to Beta

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