Adjusting the slider module's height for very large screens


Is there a Beaver way to adjust the slider height for large screens, or do I have to figure ou the needed CSS media queries?

Loving this tool by the way. I’ve just redone this whole site in the last couple of days, to use BB instead of just Headway underneath. :slight_smile:


Nice Gerard, glad to hear! Re. the content slider height, you can set a minimum height. Is that what you were after?


But the minimum height is then global to all sizes, right?

I have images now where the heads get cut off on large screens.

Maybe I should use Revolution slider and make it full screen always :slight_smile:

Yes, that is correct. I know exactly what you mean here though, unfortunately, there really isn’t any way around that re. the cropping at large screen sizes.


Well with a media query for screens over let’s say 1500px wide, I could adjust that slider height beyond what it is now, no?

Yep, you could certainly do that with a media query.


Good. I’d prefer to stick with the BB modules, so that the user has it simple when on their own.

Thanks again,