Advice for a Header


I am trying to replicate the image in the next email as a header made up of 3 rows and to have the phone number as a clickable link.

Please can you point me in the right direction as to how best to do this. I am racking my brains how best to achieve this if i can.

Details in the next post.

Many thanks


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Hey Stephen,

Are you going to be working with the BB plugin to create that? If so, which part of it are you having issues recreating? You can pull out a 3 column row to the content area, place the image on the left side, then the texts on the other 2. You can then add a negative right margin on the image so it covers a part the text. Is that what you’re looking for?


Ben - that is brilliant - thank you - yes I am using the BB Plugin.

How best to do the coloured background for each row. Create a class and then use background-color accordingly ?

Thanks very much for the advice Ben


Hi Stephen,

I believe I have just replied to another topic which is very similar to your question above. You should be able to use the instructions shown in my animated gif in the topic below to achieve that design.


Hi Danny - you are right - problem solved now and BB just gets better and better !

Many thanks for the help