Advice for using LearnDash with BB?

I am getting ready to install LearnDash with BB. Does anyone with experience using this have advice? I searched and found only a few posts regarding LearnDash, but not much information. Will I be able to plug and play this without getting into coding or does it require a developer?

Has anyone used LD with BB that has some general advice or encouragement for a relative newbie?

Thanks in advance

I am moving my posts on LD to their forum. I installed it and have begun working with it on BB so far no problems. All my questions revolve around whether there is a way to automatically put students into LD Groups and what tools to use to do this. So not much here for the BB community. Thanks!

Hey David,

Sorry as I haven’t really used that plugin before. You might want to try hitting up the FB Group or the Slack channel. We’ve a lot of active users there. The guys there might have an idea. Let us know if you need anything further. :slight_smile:



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I went out to the group, and thank you for directing me to the proper place. I am in some sort of never ending “pending” mode as the group is closed, and cannot figure out how to make any sort of request on the BB FB group. Can you help? What should I do?


Hey David,

The FB Group isn’t actually managed directly by us, but by one of our awesome customers! I think they only require an actual picture on your profile, and a pretty active account. But if you can share your profile here or the email you used on FB, Robby can probably add you manually. :slight_smile:


Hi David,

Although I have not used LearnDash extensively, I do own the full package with pro panel and from the testing I have done, you should have no issues with using BB to add content to your LD courses, lessons, etc., either directly or using the LD shortcodes within the BB Text Editor.

Just make sure to add all the LD post types in Settings > Page Builder > Post Types > select as required > Save Post Types.


David, I believe I added you to the Facebook group. If not, send me a private reply with your Facebook URL and I will add you. Sorry for the trouble! :slight_smile: