After WP 4.5, Add Media modal doesn't work

I updated to WordPress 4.5 today and afterward, noticed that the Add Media button on the Text Editor module doesn’t work. When I click it, the modal doesn’t appear and no javascript errors are triggered in the console. I have tried deactivating all plugins except Beaver Builder and have even dequeued all the theme scripts. Any ideas?

Hi Jeremy,

Our developers have been able to determine the CSS below is causing issues with the media uploader after the update.

table {
    border-style: solid;
    border-collapse: collapse;

BB don’t have that CSS but if a plugin/theme does, it will break the media uploader. We’re still looking into this. For now, determine which plugin or if a theme is causing this and deactivate it when you’re working with the media uploader. You can find out more about the issue here.


Thanks very much! I wouldn’t have figured that out. From the forum you linked to, it looks like it’s more than a CSS issue though, otherwise targeting the media modal with the CSS overrides would fix the issue. There’s some javascript at play here . . .

I also noticed an issue with the images quick edit bar (with alignment, edit, remove buttons). When I select an image in a text editor, the bar appears as expected. When I close the text editor with the image still selected, the bar remains visible even after the text editor is hidden. Not sure if it’s related, but it’s more odd behaviour after the update to WordPress 4.5

I am experiencing the exact same issue:( Is there any estimated time for the resolution?

Same issue here.

Hi Jeremy, Praneet & Kevin,

For now, the way we understand the issue is that WP made some changes which in turn breaks the media uploader if a plugin or theme is making use of the code mentioned above. This, unfortunately, is mostly out of our control and we’re still figuring out what’s the best course of action to take. Sorry, I don’t have a better answer for you guys.


Hello Jun,

Yesterday I was prompted to upgrade Beaver Builder plugin. After the current update, I am able to edit existing media modals and add new ones. For me the issue is resolved.

Thanks for your support.


Hey Praneet!

Yes, we did release a fix on v1.7.7. Glad to hear it’s all sorted out now and thanks for taking the time to inform us. We appreciate it!


@Jeremy and @Kevin

Try updating BB to the latest version and see if that takes care of it for you guys too. Thanks!


My pleasure, Jun :slight_smile:

Looks like the media library modal is working as expected. Thank you!

Thank you! BB is working normal again.

Thanks for taking the time to let us know, guys. We appreciate it!

You guys have a great rest of your day!