Agency Edition - Bloom Websites

We are getting ready to launch Bloom! Our WP Multisite service for Churches and ministries. We’re build our own Custom Themes and pairing them with Beaver Builder white labeled as “Bloom Builder.”

We built our own Marketing site with Beaver Builder to showcase what can be done with it to our own clients.

Love Beaver Builder!

Looks awesome! May I ask what framework did you use to build your custom themes? Do you have Beaver Builder custom templates for each of your themes? Do you have dummy/demo content that can be imported?

I’m working on a Multisite service as well (not directed at churches like you), and I’m trying to figure out the best way to go for custom themes.

In the “How We Build Websites”, did you use a plugin for the Steps 1,2,3?

Oh wow! Nice work. I love the textured images and the icons on the homepage. Great aesthetics!