Im really loving Beaver Builder to build out my client sites. Im a designer first, so this is making is so easy for me to build my design much faster!

Im actually doing a revamp of my services I can offer my clients and Im looking at the Agency package and white labeling the experience for them.

Can you give me a bit more information how this is done?


Hey Lisa,

Good to hear the plugin’s working out for you! :slight_smile: If you’re simply asking how to white label the plugin/theme, you simply have to place new name and URL of the image you want to replace the logo with on the page builder’s Branding settings. Check the screenshot below for reference.

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Does that answer your question or did I miss something?


Thanks Ben.

So if I was to do this I can market it completely as my own builder?
I came across this from Grant in the genesis facebook group.

Hey Lisa,

That is correct! And is the main purpose of our white labeling feature. :slight_smile: