Alternative to columns for side-by-side modules

In my themer header layout, I want a fixed amount of space (20px) between my menu module (hamburger) and my logo regardless of page width. Columns only let me set a percentage. How do I approach this?

I’m not sure of your experience level so forgive me if you have already resolved this…

The column width only defines the relative width of each column. So set that to some valued (e.g. 25%).

Then, you have at least a couple of ways of defining the space between the menu hamburger and site logo - via column or via the modules.

For example, on the column settings just drop into the advanced tab and there you will find settings for both padding and margin, both of which you can specify in px or other units. The same can be found for the individual modules.

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Thanks for the response. I’m aware of what you described. To be more specific, say I want:

Left edge | 20px space | menu icon | 20px space | logo

I don’t see any way to get that since the logo needs to be in a second column (please let me know if that’s wrong). Because I can only specify column width in %, no matter where I put the margin/padding, the width of the first column will vary and therefore so will the spacing.

The only way around I can think of would be to use an HTML module that calls a saved module for the menu, but I’ve been burned before by adding levels of abstraction like that.