Any way to break up a column into two sub-columns?

Here’s a screenshot of what I’m trying to build in BB:

Intuitively, I would create a row and then add two 3 column content layouts to it. And then in each column add two columns - one for the photo and one for the text. But that’s not possible.

Seems like my choices are either to add 6 columns which I’m thinking will get seriously messed up when it comes to responsive settings, or use CSS (in my case the built-in css in Genesis) and add code manually using HTML. Which is fine for me but would likely not be good for the end user.

Is there a better way of adding something like that?

Hi Lloyd,

While columns within columns is not possible at this point in time, you’ll notice it is a popular feature request so we are certainly discussing it! Have you tried using the ‘Callout’ module? Looking at that example, I could see how you could use the callout module to do exactly that really easily with 2 3 column rows. Give that a shot and I think you’ll be good to go!


Thanks. I’ll give that a shot.