Any way to make numbers without commas?

I want my numbers to read in years, for example:
The year 2016 must be 2016 without any comma as 2,016.
Please, how do I do that as I can’t find solution in the Number Counter options or at the forums?



Hey Charlie,

Welcome to the BB forums! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the Number Counter module doesn’t support years. It only supports numbers and percentages, and it always starts counting from zero. You could try adding it as a request on our User Voice via the link below.

If you’re pretty good with PHP, you can override our module or create your own custom module. Check out the link below for more info.


Hi Ben

Thanks for your response.
First, I’m zero in PHP even though I did check the link documentation, it didn’t help me in any way.
In simple terms, all I want is numbers without the commas when they get into the thousand range. How can that be done?


Hi Charles,

Unfortunately, like Ben said, it only supports numbers and therefore, will include a comma to separate the numbers when you reach thousands.

If you only want to display the number, you could use the Text module and type the number value or is there something specific you’re trying achieve?


Thanks Danny. I understand.

You see, I’m a newbie playing around with web design as a hobby and BB has helped me a great deal and a lot more to be able to create this site
On the landing page / (Home) I have the Number Counter with the Circle Counter to run to 2016 showing it’s year 2016 and not as 2,016. The same should be on the page “2016 Courses” when it runs. You may please have a look at these pages. This is why I’m asking if the comma can be removed somehow but it appears it’s not possible for now.

I love the way your Number Counter runs but may probably think of removing it until something new comes up or …!

Thanks for the support