Anyone using SmugMug as your image source for the Gallery module?

I’d love to hear about the experience.

If I understand, the images come through an RSS Feed, meaning they lose any kind of protection from right-clicks, etc. as when on the SmugMug site?

Thanks for any feedback. I will find time to test it son with a trial account I guess, but I’m quite ok learning from the experience of others as well :slight_smile:

I am using the BB feature to feed my top slide show images here from Smug mug
They do not seem to be right clickible.

This is a site i am working on over time for myself for photography and video work i do.

OOoh! Some major Wow! images right there :slight_smile:

I finally got a trial going, but it looks like I cannot get the feed link I need while running as trial. So thanks a lot for your sharing.

I look forward to see your site progressing,